Year 11 Sessions Over Half Term

Year 11 students are now half way through their final full term at Erdington Academy. During the half term break, staff are volunteering to provide additional lessons for the students in order to support final completion and improvement of their coursework.

These sessions are not compulsory; however they are strongly recommended as a strong piece of coursework and relieve considerable pressure on the students’ performance in the summer examination.
The programme for the week is shown below

This is the time, when students can make a real difference to their final grades. Through determination and effort they will achieve to their own individual potential.

You can offer invaluable support to your child by ensuring that they are now engaged in a planned revision programme. Students should now be revising for their summer examination. If you child has not yet created, and is following a revision schedule, please encourage them to do so.

Students will not need to wear school uniform, but of course, they will be expected to be on time and meet normal Academy expectations. Students that arrive late may not be able to access the site as it will be locked. There will be no catering available for students.