RU OK DAY @Erdington Academy

September 14th was R U OK DAY at Erdington Academy!  This date is known as R U OK DAY in Australia and New Zealand, an initiative designed to remove the stigma of mental health. Mr Curry, KS4 Maths coordinator provided the New Zealand connection and yours truly, the Australian connection; the day enabled a flavour of the southern hemisphere to enter Erdington Academy and bring a positive, proactive spin to mental health and wellbeing.

R U OK DAY is a simple concept, asking friends and colleagues “Are you ok?”. Its aim is to break down the stigma and barriers that prevent us talking about how we are and creating opportunities to talk.

Erdington Academy staff and pupils really bought in to the concept and spent the day walking around smiling and asking people “Are you ok?” – sharing their joys and brightening the day.

The day followed on well from the wellbeing sessions offered to staff on our training days in September. Services for Education delivered training sessions to develop strategies and techniques to help staff to plan for a healthy work/life balance.

Both initiatives were warmly welcomed by staff at the academy and we hope to introduce other ideas to ensure “staff wellbeing” remains a priority.

Mr M Rhatigan

Head of Academy