PE Department exercise with Joe Wicks during lockdown

We may be spending more time at home during these uncertain times but this hasn’t stopped the PE department in promoting exercise! Physical activity is a key factor in improving our mental health and well-being and the PE department at Erdington Academy have been setting regular physical exercise for students to do at home as well as Joe Wicks online PE lessons. When the PE staff have been in school during closure, they have encouraged students and staff to participate in the morning exercise programme at 9am with Joe Wicks. I think this was of benefit to staff and students alike in improving their focus and outlook for the day ahead.  Watching the news regularly, it amazes me how much the subjects in my faculty of Design and Performance are more relevant than ever during this pandemic; artwork inspired by the NHS heroes, manufacturing industries diversifying to create PPE, food donations and cooking recipes using what’s left in your fridge, collaborative music and singing across the globe and the increased number of people walking and exercising. Humans can be incredibly creative in the face of a crisis.