Enrichment Day – 21 November 2019

On 21st November we had our first Enrichment Day of the academic year. We have three of these days throughout the year and for Year 7 this was their first experience. Students went on trips outside of school and also participated in a number of in school workshops delivered by visitors and students. The images are of a selection of workshops delivered in school including:

  • Graphics Design workshop led by Kate Curry
  • Creative writing workshop deliver by Anna Lawrence from Birmingham City University
  • Applying to College or University workshop delivered by BMET
  • Round Midnight Theatre ‘cutting ties’
  • Children’s Society – gangs and county lines
  • Precious Lives – knife crime
  • Army – team building and problem solving
  • Health Advisors – contraception
  • staff led workshops in Science, Maths and English
  • Year 11 Options

I hope the students enjoyed their day and I look forward to the next one in March.