Book Trust’s ‘Book Buzz’ Giveaway 2017

We aim to regularly promote a love of reading at Erdington Academy. As well as our daily ‘Everyone Reads In Class’ time, all students in KS3 are enrolled in the Accelerated Reader programme which aims to raise their reading ages.

At Erdington Academy, though, we always aim to go the extra mile and this week we gave each Year 7 a free book as part of ‘Book Buzz’, an initiative from the Book Trust.

Students had a selection of twelve books of different genres to pick from for their free book and popular choices included ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio and ‘Danger Is Everywhere’ by David O’Doherty.

Sumaiya and Abdullah, our two most avid readers in Year 7, pictured (above) with our librarian Mrs Bowley who organised the event, picked ‘The Blood Guard’ and ‘Scream’. They are well on their way to being our first Accelerated Reader ‘Millionaires’, having read nearly a million words each.