Aspire to Inspire

A member of our pastoral staff is involved in a  charity fundraising group called *”Gift for Humanity”*, a group who donate a small amount every month, to help the poor and the needy irrespective of religion, race or gender.

Gift for humanity are a non-profit fundraising group who contribute 100% of all funds. Their aim is to help the most needy, desperate and vulnerable people around the world. They support national and international projects. They achieve this by providing relief to such people by financially assisting existing registered charities.

For the past few months with Covid-19 the organisation has been supporting bigger charities like As-Suffa who have been providing food and support to homeless people in Birmingham City Centre, along with giving food packs to other needy and vulnerable people in the community. 

Mr Z Khan joined this organisation by donating a small amount each month to help support the needy on a bigger scale.

For the past few months it’s not just been about giving charity but also raising awareness of what these charities do and how they support the community as a whole. 

Mr Khan has been using social media platforms to help promote the work this and other organisations do, also by word of mouth to friends and family to help raise much needed funds to help the less fortunate who have been affected by this tragic epidemic. 

It really is a shame to see first hand how many people and families are affected so close to home. The money raised and food given is a life saver for so many people, we really don’t know how lucky we are. 
There have been a number of charities doing great work during Covid-19 not just here in Birmingham but also Internationally. 

I have been involved in raising awareness and donating to other causes, such as: Buying PPE for doctors and nurses in Birmingham and abroad, giving food packs and sponsoring an Orphan abroad. 

Mr Z Khan