Main Reception is open from 8.15 a.m -3.30 p.m or call 0121 373 1080.

All future correspondence with parents/carers of children at Erdington Academy will be communicated via Email and/or the My Ed app, and this includes Student Reports. Please can all parents/carers ensure they have provided an email address to the school’s main office and downloaded the My Ed App.

For the My Ed App to recognise your child, you must be a priority (P1) contact and the school must have the mobile number you use the app on.

My Ed PARENT poster Erdington


My Ed App

Click here for an information video on the My Ed App

Phone Apps

The picture below show’s information on phone apps that may seem safe for children to use, however these do have their dangers.

Contact Main Reception 


Useful Links For Parents/Carers