Head of department: Mrs Anna Brotherton [email protected]

Our Vision:

Teachers are dedicated to excellence with high expectations, where students experience the religions at the heart of Britain and take pride in their work.


Topics & Year Plan:

Year 7: In Year 7 all students study Religious Education once a week. In Autumn Term they study a scheme of work called ‘Looking for God’. This scheme explores the concept of God, belief and non-belief. Students learn about God in the 6 major religions, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. They also look at non-religious world views including atheism and Humanism.

In Spring Term students study ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and learn about the key stories in the Bible and consider what messages they can learn from these stories. For example, student learn about Lazarus, Zachhaeus, the crucifixion and the resurrection.

In Summer Term students study ‘Worship and festivals’, exploring the major religious celebrations in the 6 main world religions and study the concept of worship through a thematic approach, including both Christianity and Islam.


Year 8: In year 8, all students study Religious Education for one hour a week. In Autumn term they study ‘Let us suffer no longer’. This looks at the concepts of evil, suffering and forgiveness from the perspectives of the word religions including Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam.

In Spring Term, ‘Justice in Action’ looks at the concept of poverty, Zakah, charity and Christian Aid. Students look at prevalent figures in history and how they have fought injustice, such as Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa.

In Summer Term students study ‘Rites of passage’, exploring coming of age, marriage and death from a multi faith perspective, including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.


Year 9: Student who opt in to take RE as a GCSE subject will start this in Year 9. The GCSE students will be taking is Edexcel ‘GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies B: Beliefs in Action’. They study two religions, Christianity and Islam. In Year 9, students begin the Christianity ‘Paper 1: Area of Study 1 – Religion and Ethics Option 1B – Christianity’. Topics include the core Christian beliefs, Marriage and the family, Living the Christian life and Matters of life and death.

Any student who does not take GCSE Religious Studies will continue through to Year 11 studying ‘core RE’, looking at religion and ethical issues.


Year 10: Students who have opted for the GCSE Religious Studies will continue with this course and complete the topics listed above to finish the Christianity ‘Paper 1’.

Students then begin their second religion in ‘Paper 2: Area of Study 2 – Religion, Peace and Conflict – Option 2C – Islam’. Topics include Muslim beliefs, Crime and Punishment, Living the Muslim Life and Peace and conflict.


Year 11: Students who have opted for the GCSE Religious Studies will continue with this course, completing the Islam ‘Paper 2’ topics listed above until they take their GCSE exam in May.

Exam Board Links:

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies B (2016) Pearson

The scheme of work can be found by clicking here:

Past Papers can be found by clicking here:

Additional information and guidance can be found by clicking here:

Exam Dates:

Religious Studies B Paper 1: Christianity – Religion and Ethics – Monday 11th May 2020 PM

Religious Studies B Paper 2: Islam – Religion, Peace and Conflict – Tuesday 19th May 2020 PM

Extra Curricular Activities:

The RE department offers revision sessions after school for GCSE students and Cinema Club for all Year groups. Trips throughout the year on enrichment days also enhance the learning for students in RE.

In 2019, Year 8 went to the Islamic exhibition centre to look at core Islamic beliefs such as the 5 pillars of Islam and consider Islamic attitudes towards marriage, origins of the universe, equality and life after death.
Year 10 received a trip to Queen Mary’s High school in 2019 for a lecture with Dr Peter Vardy on ‘Creation’ exploring the origins of the universe and the origins of human life.
In 2019, Year 11 received a talk from a Muslim visitor who have experienced the holy pilgrimage, Hajj. An interactive presentation enabled students who studied the GCSE to experience first-hand the real life impact of this holy journey to the life of a Muslim.

Revision Guides:

Revision guides are available to purchase using ParentPay at a significantly reduced price of £2.50 from the recommended retail price of £5.99. The recommended GCSE Religious Studies revision guide by school is the ‘Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Christianity and Islam Revision Guide’ published by Pearson and endorsed by Edexcel.

This is available to purchase directly from the publisher by clicking this link here: