Our Vision:

“We ensure all students master Mathematical concepts and skills – and demonstrate this through multiple representation and precise use of mathematical language. This is achieved through clarification, practice and application over time.

Through the development of mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, our students don’t just excel in examinations; they succeed in life beyond school.”


Current Projects:

We are proud to be part of the renowned Maths Mastery programme. Our students are benefitting from this first-class programme which promotes depth of understanding and problem-solving. A new rich and innovative syllabus is underpinned by excellent teaching and weekly professional development for our staff. Further information can be found here:



Maths is the one GCSE which can open the most doors for you. Local employers and colleges prioritise applicants with a ‘pass’ in Maths (grade 4) – in fact good colleges are now asking for a ‘good pass’ (grade 5). The highest paid jobs are directly linked to Mathematics.

From Year 9, students study the EdExcel GCSE in Mathematics, details of which can be found here:




Key Stage 3 Subject Overview

Key Stage 4 Subject Overview


At KS4, students study the Edexcel board:



Key Exam Dates:

21/05/19 – GCSE Paper 1 (Non-calculator)

06/06/19 – GCSE Paper 2 (Calculator)

11/06/19 – GCSE Paper 3 (Calculator)


Our Preferred Calculator:

All students need to bring a good scientific calculator to their lessons. The preferred model is Casio FX 83 GT, which retails for around £9 in most good supermarkets. Can also be purchased from the school (limited stock)



Web Resources:









Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

– STEM Maths Club (every Wednesday 8am-830am)

– GCSE Revision Classes (every Wednesday 3-4pm)

– KS3 Maths Club (every Wednesday 3-4pm)

– UKMT Maths Competition (February 2019)