Vision – Providing practical IT skills, leading along an aspirational, independent pathway with relevant and vocational experiences.

Curriculum Overview

Students in Year 11 are following the TLM Ingots Level 2 IT course. They are required to complete 5 units of coursework and sit an examination at the end of Year 11

Year 10 students are following the CIDA Level 2 qualification. They are required to complete one unit of coursework using multimedia and then sit an exam that asks them to create a website.

Year 9 students are completing OCR Cambridge Nationals in Information Technologies. They are required to complete a piece of coursework about data handling and then sit an examination in Year 11.

Year 7 and 8 students are learning about the history of computing, the basics of computer science and programming in Python.

Exam Board links

TLM Ingots –


Cambridge Nationals –

Further study

The ICT room is open each evening for Homework Club which gives students an opportunity to complete coursework.  Tuesday evenings are specifically for ICT and a teacher is available for further support.

Exam Dates

Year 11 students will only be allowed to sit their TLM examination if their coursework is completed. These are the rules of the examination board. The exam date is decided by the school.

Business, Computing and ICT Year Plan

  Summer 2 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1
7 Computing Online Safety Online Safety Intro to Computer Science Intro to Computer Science Python
8 Computing App Developer App Developer History of Computing History of Computing Python Python
9 Computing Computational thinking Algorithms Python Hardware Computer systems Binary
9 Business Entrepreneurs SMEs Marketing Mix Setting up a business Finance Coursework
9 IT Making a website Making a website Project Management Creating and using data Presenting information Evaluating projects
10 Computing Network topologies Systems Software Binary and Hexadecimal Circuits and Truth tables Programming Input, output and storage Legal Aspects
10 Business Unit 1

Business as an Enterprise

Unit 1 Coursework Unit 3 Promoting a brand. Unit 3 Coursework Unit 3 Coursework Unit 2 Finance
10 IT CIDA coursework CIDA coursework CIDA coursework CIDA coursework CIDA coursework CIDA coursework
11 Computing Pseudocode Programming NEA NEA Databases & SQL Revision
11 Business Finance Production Methods External Influences on Business/Revision for mocks OCR Business Case Study OCR Business Case study Revision
11 IT TLM Unit 10 Making a presentation TLM Unit 2 Making a website TLM Unit 2 Making a website TLM Unit 5 Spreadsheet TLM Unit 1 and 4 Revision