Year 9

Year 9

Year 9,10 and 11 encounter another important stage of transition. Students are working hard towards their GCSEs / Vocational subjects.

From year 9 onwards students are given more specific careers advice and guidance specific to the needs of each students. All students are briefed about apprenticeships as part of Apprenticeship week in March and experience a more tailored visit to either a college, university or apprenticeship provider based on their feedback from their careers questionnaire in the Summer term.  Girls’ in Year 9 have the opportunity to participate in the annual Girls into Engineering challenge run by Amey PLC

All students from Year 9 onwards are invited to our Annual careers fair in the Autumn Term as part of futures week which is well represented from apprenticeship, further and higher education providers.

Careers Entitlement

During Year 9 you will have:

  • Time to look at gender differences in the workplace, particularly the difference in pay and promotional prospects during timetabled Erdington Edge lessons.
  • The opportunity to consider an apprenticeship as a post 16 option.
  • Access to impartial careers information and advice via the careers pages of the website

By the end of Year 9 you will:

  • Have reflected on what you have learnt about apprenticeships having visited the Apprenticeship fair in March.
  • Have visited a more tailor made university, college or apprenticeship provider based on your reflections.
  • A 1:1 careers interview with an independent, impartial advisor (available to students for whom the school feels it is the most suitable support).
  • Planned personal targets for year 10

What our students say about Careers Education

Yr9HPA Girls Engineering Amey Challenge – June 2018

“This visit has helped me for the future as I had to stand up in front of lots of people, overcoming my anxiety and furthermore, I also learned how to work in a group and getting a range of ideas into something big.”

Yr 9 Enrichment Day – May 2018

“I had a great time visiting the college and it has opened my eyes to many different things. I would love to go again.”

Yr 9 Apprenticeship Fair – March 2018

“I found the apprenticeship fair very useful as it has made me think me about what I might be interested in and what to do next after year 11.”

“Really grateful for the representatives as it really helped me understand what path I want to take post 16. I got a really inspiring pep talks to strive as far as I can to get my best possible marks in my GCSE’s. I really do think it has helped me.”