Year 8

Students in Year 8 are able to start thinking about the careers pathways available to them post 16. They identify their strengths and careers interests through the Cascaid Kudos  and E-Clips www. websites in their Erdington Edge lessons and research and start to access labour market opportunities. They present to their peers on different careers.

Students and parents are given access to the Cascaid Kudos website to explore at home and at school.  All students have the opportunity to attend the World Skills show at the NEC in November to really start to focus on the careers pathways that are appropriate to them.

At this stage each student, together with their parents and guardians choose their GCSE options. Students are given lots of information via assemblies, option evening/mini careers fair and during curriculum time to understand how GCSE / Vocational subjects relate to careers paths and employment. Our independent careers advisor is available at all parent’s evenings from Year 8 upwards.

Careers Entitlement

During Year 8 you will have:

  • Time to build upon the self-awareness skills you developed in year 7 during Edge lessons.
  • Begun to explore a range of careers pathways, during careers education lessons within Erdington Edge
  • Access to impartial careers information and advice via the careers pages of the website and Cascaid Kudos

By the end of Year 8 you will:

  • Have visited the Skills Show Careers Fair at NEC.
  • Have chosen your option subjects at the Year 8 careers fair
  • Have used your developing knowledge of yourself and various career pathways to help make good option choices

What our students say about Careers Education

Year 8 Skills Show – November 2018

“I loved the trip to the Skills Show because I found out about lots of careers I didn’t know existed before. I would like to go again.”

“The Skills Show was helpful for me to understand what career I want to have.”

“I really enjoyed learning about the different careers available around Birmingham.”