Here are some of the ways in which our Academy ethos and values are fulfilled during our normal academy day:

  • The high expectations we have permeate life at Erdington Academy. We believe in respect for all – students enter the assembly hall in silence and stand for the person taking the assembly. Students also stand when the Headteacher or Deputy Headteachers enter the room.
  • We reward hard work – students are rewarded for producing an outstanding piece of work, making a great effort in class or demonstrating exemplary behaviour and contribution at school or in the community.
  • All students receive custom –made “workbooks” for each subject which gives them examples of our expectations and the tools to produce excellent work.
  • All students benefit from a range of extra-curricular activities. We offer an array of after school sporting options but also Duke of Edinburgh, debating, student leadership, book club, dance, photography, cheerleading among others.
  • There is strong pastoral support for students. All students are members of “vertical” mixed age tutor groups, which creates a family feel.
  • We celebrate different faiths and cultures throughout the year so that we can understand and respect the beliefs of others.