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Extra-Curricular Sport

Our school has excellent facilities and a range of extra-curicular sporting activities to interest students.

Erdington Academy school prospectus photography - 20.07 (20 of 125)Erdington Academy school prospectus photography - 20.07 (22 of 125)

We also have a Leisure Centre on site which hosts many clubs and socieities from our community outside of academy opening hours. 

More information about our Leisure Centre can be found here: /486/welcome

There really is something for everybody at Erdington Academy.

We actively encourage students to participate in sport both in social times within school and after school.

We have teams that compete in a range of sports against other schools and students that are involved in sports leadership activities with and local primary schools.

We have enjoyed sporting successes in our first year of operation and we have a proud history of sporting excellence

Our dedicated staff offer a range of sessions in a range of sporting activities. 

We thank all of our staff for helping our students to develop their sporting prowess and make memories for the future.

Below you can find the many extra-curricular sporting activities currently on offer to our students and the local community:



Autumn Term Sport at Erdington Academy