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What People Say About Us

Erdington Academy has not yet had an OFSTED inspection since opening in September 2016. You can view our Academy conversion letter

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The academy has had an external review of behaviour, led by Ian Colling, headteacher of Magdalen Academy School in December 2016 which led to the following conclusions:

  • A significant change in ethos, culture and expectations in the academy, led by the Head of Academy, has resulted in a much greater sense of pride of the pupils in their school
  • Instances of poor behaviour seen are rare and systems and structures to track behaviour and intervene are thorough and effective.
  • Student conduct around the academy is good.
  • Attendance rates are high for all groups of pupils and continue to improve as a result of effective strategies and systems

A school transformed under the leadership of headteacher, Mark Rhatigan. Congratulations on the progress being made - Jack Dromey (MP)

The school has come on leaps and bounds since I was last in. Behaviour in the classrooms and attitude in the corridors was excellent - Cllr Alex Yip 

Students were all so well behaved and polite and really embraced the activities. They showcased the school well and were some of the best students we have had visiting us this year - Yvonne Vickers (Matthew Boulton College)

The students were, without exception, impeccably mannered, well-presented and proved to be worthy ambassadors for their school. The students displayed levels of maturity and professionalism far beyond their years and they are a credit to themselves, their school and their parents - Lisa Ingram ( 

The students are a superb advert for the youth of today and the academy - Mike Williams (

Having been in teaching for over 20 years, I thought the attitudes and the behaviour of the students I met at Erdington Academy was exemplary. They looked really smart in their new uniform and they were a credit to the school - Neil Catterall (

We felt privileged to experience time in classes meeting students and teachers who were all a credit to the school. The students who attended are looking forward to spending time at the school in future - Caroyln Wickham (Birmingham City University)

I can't believe how much behaviour has improved since the last time I was here. I was very impressed with the attitudes of students at the academy - Avril Bull (Pupil and School Support - Birmingham City Council)

Students spoke with pride about their school and were confident and articulate in describing how the school encourages everyone to be healthy - Jo Perrin and Kathy Bird (Services For Education)

After visiting earlier this year, we are not surprised that Erdington Academy have done so well (in GCSE results) - Boldmere Mums Group

Erdington Academy school prospectus photography - 20.07 (1 of 125) - Copy