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Our Vision:

We believe that the art department plays an integral role in the development of our students. We strive to stretch our student’s intellect, imagination and reflect on their learning. As a department we encourage our students to be creative, solve problems independently, communicate and experiment. We believe that art is more than how to hold a brush or use a pencil, it is away of bringing a variety of relevant important matters into the classroom and supporting the students entire learning.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein


You should study Art if you want a career as a:

·         Tattoo Artist

·         Animator

·         Interior Designer

·         Graphic Design

·         Architect

·         Illustrator

·         Photographer

·         Forensic Artist

·         Web Designer


Art and Photography at Key stage 4 are optional, the GCSE in Art and Design & Photography are broad-based course where you will work in a wide variety of materials. You will be given the opportunity to acquire a variety of skills that will help you to pursue jobs and further educational paths where creativity and art skills are important.

To achieve this qualification, candidates must complete a portfolio of work. The GCSE in Art and Design require candidates to complete two mandatory units of work. Both components of the course will need to display that you have done work, which shows exploration, research, acquisition of techniques and skills.

·         Unit 1 is your course work, which is done over a two-year period and makes up 60% of your overall grade.

·         Unit 2 is the examination, here you will be given a set period of time to research, explore and develop an artistic idea. You will then have a 10-hour period to create a piece of artwork, under exam conditions. This is worth 40% of your overall grade.



Revision Resources:


Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

Please refer to our Twitter feed and the school app for updates on:

– Revision Classes and further study opportunities

– Competitions and events