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Computing/Business Studies

Computing/Business Studies

Our Vision:

The Computing and Business department, through the Computing and Business Curriculum, will teach students:

·               Problem Solving using programming (Computer Science)

·               How computer systems are used (Information Technology)

·               How business skills impact upon daily life (Business)

The department seek to build a community of inquiry, where teachers, students and parents work together through a variety of ICT, Computing and Business courses, and extra-curricular opportunities, to build and extend practice and accomplishments beyond the limitations of the school day.

We will have a modern focus on developing skills and ensuring that students are work-ready on leaving Erdington Academy

The department will excel on the renewed engagement of students who can relate projects and learning to real-life experience, and see the purpose in the progression through the key stages.

The curriculum will see students empowered to think creatively, developing their natural curiosity in the technology behind, and needed for, the competitive marketplace of today.

The department, through a combination of skills, programming and application, will see students develop the rationale behind building core skills for their desired career, and will start them on a technological journey to their desired future, with the aspiration to reach their full potential.


Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview 2016 - 2017

Exam Information/Dates:

GCSE Business:

GCSE Applied Business:


Cambridge National ICT:

GCSE Computing:

EdExcel CDMP:


Revision Resources:



Cambridge National:  There is an app for R001 – it’s free so download it and revise!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

Coursework catch up available for Year 11 on a Wednesday afternoon, 3pm until 4pm.