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Our Vision:

Our team inspires and motivates all, for record results. All students achieve at least a Grade C in our subject, and make at least 4 levels of progress during their time at Erdington Academy. Our students have a real belief in themselves, passionately taking responsibility to acquire new Mathematical skills and applying them to every-day situations.

Our students don’t just excel in examinations; they succeed in life beyond school.


Maths is the one GCSE which can open the most doors for you. Local employers and colleges prioritise applicants with a grade C in Maths – in fact good colleges are now asking for a grade B. The highest paid jobs are directly linked to Maths.


Key Stage 3 Subject Overview

Key Stage 4 Subject Overview


At KS4, students study the Edexcel board:

Key Exam Dates:


Revision Resources:


Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

– Revision Classes (every Wednesday 3-4pm)

– Competitions and events