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British Values

At Erdington Academy, we encourage all students to be proud of British heritage and we strive to model the importance of our shared British Values through our provision.


Across the curriculum we promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  Although these are the key fundamental British values, we feel that there is more to being British, and we therefore ensure we teach a full and rounded curriculum that prepared students for life in modern Britain.


At Erdington Academy we promote and encourage pupil voice across the school.  Below are just a few examples of where you will find democracy in action:





Golden Table: At points throughout the year staff are asked to nominate students to take part in the ‘Golden Table’ event at Glynn Purnell Bistro, Gingers. Students are aware of the nomination process.


Student Leadership Team:  Each year a Student Leadership team is nominated and voted for by the students.


House council:  Each house has an elected Head and Deputy Head of house.  In addition to this, each form has a representative who meets fortnightly with the student leadership


Student voice: Students are routinely involved in making key decisions.  Students are routinely involved in the interview process at Erdington Academy and are regularly asked their thoughts about the impact of initiatives at the school.


Rewards: We introduced Erdington Academy rewards in September 2015.  Reward stickers and post cards are awarded to students for their hard work in lessons.

Student of the month:  Each faculty nominate a student of the month and celebrate their success on their displays around school.



Rule of Law


The Rule Of Law

At Erdington Academy we talk regularly about ‘The Rule of Law.’ Below you will find just a few examples of where you see ‘The Rule of Law.”


School rules: With in the school we have a number of school rules.  As well as having rules we feel it is important that students understand why the rule has been made and the benefits of following the rules. For example students are reminded of the school rules and their purpose throughout relevant assembly themes and tutor activities. 


Uniform: At school we have developed a dress code for both students and staff to follow.  We encourage all students to be individuals but also to take pride in wearing their uniform and being part of Erdington Academy.  Through united uniform students grow to respect each other.


Assembly programme: Our assembly programme promotes respect and responsibility through our assembly themes. When lack of respect is shown staff always refer to the school rules and values in discussions, focusing students attention so that in the future respect is shown.


Tutor Activities: Tutor activities at Erdington Academy are varied and cover “Awareness” and “Current Affairs” activities where pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws.


Visitors:  The school works closely with the authorities such as the police and fire service, who work students in enhancing their curriculum.

Care for our School:  Within school we talk to students about respecting and looking after school property.  Within tutor time we have Student Leaders (equipment monitors) and groups (librarians) who are responsible for looking after and caring for certain areas.




Individual Liberty


Individual Liberty

At Erdington Academy we promote and encourage students to show ‘Individual Liberty.’ ‘Individual Liberty’ involves encouraging students to exercise their freedom of rights outside government control.  Below you will find just a few examples of where you will find ‘Individual Liberty’ in action.


Freedom of Speech: In all classrooms we create a safe and nurturing environment where students can feel free to voice their beliefs and opinions without ridicule.  Students understand that mistakes and errors are part of their learning journey.


Freedom of Choice:  Students are given the tools at Erdington Academy to make informed choices.  Where possible we encourage students to make their own individual choices.  Where appropriate we also offer students the opportunity to express themselves in different ways through the curriculum and through the wealth of house competitions available.


Music:  As a school we give students the choice of taking up a musical instrument.


Afterschool Clubs: At Erdington Academy we offer a wide variety of afterschool clubs; football, cheerleading, badminton, cricket, debate mate. Students have a choice of which club they would like to attend.


Curriculum: Pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedom and are taught how to exercise these safely, such as in our Learning for Life Lessons which covers Protective behaviours, E-safety and Prevent.




Mutual Respect


Mutual Respect

At Erdington Academy we pride ourselves on being a tolerate school.  We promote tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.  Below you will find just a few examples of how we teach students tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


Interactions with staff and students: At school we promote positive interaction between staff and students; this is illustrated through the days to day conversations with students.


Controversial Subjects: Our Tutor programme, Learning for Life Lessons, as well as subjects such as Religious Education, English and Science frequently deal with controversial subjects.  Students are taught to tolerate and respect each other’s opinions and the appropriate way of challenging and debating


Celebration of Festivals:  The Erdington Academy community is multifaceted and as such we celebrate a variety of festivals including Diwali, Ramada and Christmas.


RE Curriculum: The RE Curriculum covers a variety of world religions


Vertical Tutoring: All tutor groups are made up of students from year 7 -11.  Students work in family groups where they discuss experiences and topics. We find this a very rewarding opportunity for students to develop respect for each other.