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At Erdington Academy we believe that learning is more than just about the curriculum, therefore we have developed a thoughtful and wide raging promotion of SMSC development for our students.

At Erdington Academy we aim to incorporate SMSC into every aspect of our Academy community, including lessons, assemblies and every interaction between staff and students. Our aim is that our SMSC provision help ensure our students can thrive and develop as active citizens in the 21st Century equipped with the skills and confidence to guard against radicalization and extremism.

 SMSC Education at Erdington Academy:

 Social, moral, spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) education is delivered through three methods at Erdington Academy.

 · Assemblies: All students have a weekly assembly with their House. Each assembly is linked to an SMSC theme.

 · Tutor time activities: Students work in family groups during form time where they have dedicated activities to SMSC.

 · Curriculum: Years 7 to 9 receive one hour a week PSHCE called “Learning for Life” and Years 10 & 11 receive one hour a week PSHCE called “Functional Skills.” In addition to this all other lessons and the school ethos, including interactions between all members of the school community.

Erdington Academy SMSC Statements:

 The statements below are designed to offer consistent and clear definitions of SMSC at Erdington Academy. Each statement is based around the national definitions of SMSC.

 Spiritual development ensures students are able to develop into confident young adults

Moral development is about students building a framework of moral values which regulates their personal behaviour, developing an understanding of societies shared and agreed values.

Cultural development involves students gaining the knowledge, skills, and understanding to appreciate and contribute to their own and others culture and in doing so developing a positive curiosity about difference and the benefits that this can bring to society.